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Joined: 8th Feb 2014
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23rd Feb 2014

I know a lot of you probably already play together (if you play at all)
but since I'm new I made this topic to see who plays and if possible,
get your summoner names. League is all I play right now, would be
cool to play with people in the clan.

My summoner name(s):
(Both North America Server)

Feel free to add me. I mostly play on Dominiiku though.
1237 mmr, Silver IV. I main support, mostly Nami or Taric. I like to
play mid and adc in normals.

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Joined: 6th Jul 2013
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24th Feb 2014

Ill light some fire on some asses and get them to post here
Joined: 8th Feb 2014
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24th Feb 2014

Lmao, it's all good. If they see it and want to reply then they will.
If not then oh well. It's my fault for never being on teamspeak

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Joined: 19th Nov 2013
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27th Feb 2014

Well I would very much like to get a solid group of players down. We have tried before, but it was at the end/very start of last/current season. People like Del, LD, Levi, and even Juice all play League. The trick is to give them the desire to do it, and a team would do that. Lets get on it

Wish more ppl used the forums, but I think a lot just use the TS3. Not only that but don't forget, a lot of our members are in school - and this time of year school is in heavy full swing, so they may just have a lot less time to play.

Also if there are any issues between players, id love to resolve that bullshit quick.
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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1st Mar 2014

I'll Cheer from TS3 For ya!
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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