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WarZ/Rust Rules
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31st Dec 2013

Here are the rules for WarZ please read and understand the rules.

1.) If you kill an enemy player the loot belongs to you unless you specify that you do not want the loot. If you cannot retrieve the loot and want another clan member to retrieve it for you, ASK if someone can grab it and if they can it is still YOUR loot.

2.) If you die and cannot pick up your gear you may ask a clan member to watch or pick it up as long as the gear is semi-important (Kruger 22s are not important).

3.) Do not scream repeatedly and ask for items such as meds, ammo, guns, etc. We have full functioning private servers which can be looted for these items,

4.) Do not mouth off to clan members labeled MOD or Above. 

5.) Respect all members of the clan.

6.) Communication is important so if a MOD or Leader asks if you're jumping or hiding in a certain spot respond with a YES or NO even if you're on the other side of the map.

7.) When a Streamer is streaming please do not shout out the server we are in. Streamers should post the server they are in within the TeamSpeak chat.

8.) Do not join or loot our private servers unless you are in TeamSpeak. First offense is a warning and the next is a ban.

9.) No one may join our private server unless they are a clan member. They should have a Chevron in game and in TeamSpeak.

10.) Do not give out the TeamSpeak information unless a mod allows it.

11.) If you leave the clan and join another everyday you will not be re-invited to the clan. EX: If you leave the clan everyday and expect an invite you will not get one.

12.) Please join the corresponding channel to the game you are playing. Communication should remain game related unless in channels (Loot Whoring and pvp n bullshit). If we're pvping on Infestation we do not want to hear about how you lost mid-lane on League of Legends.

13.) Absolutely no Team Killing unless you both agree and trust each other.
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